Sometimes people that RBCP calls are either really weird or really creative with their insults.  This page will list all the amazing ways that he's been called an idiot or been totally zinged on The Snow Plow Show.

"Take it up your ear" from the January 31st, 2018 episode #436 Adopt-A-Median 2018 at some point between 45:00 and 45:15.  Brad is telling an old man that he needs to come and change Mrs. Stewman's tire that was flattened on his median and the old man tells him to take it up your ear.

"Go pound salt"

"Go suck a lemon"

"Roy the.... retarded boy." from a gym call

"Why don't you take a tip from the Lone Ranger and wear a mask!"

"I think you have ADD"

"Take a running jump"

"Go to the Empire State building and take a flying fuck"

"Roy What" (it's Hoo)