Mr. and Mrs. Spessa. Neither of the Spessas have been fans of having their pictures on the website, but here's one that they allowed.

Spessa found the PLA in 1997. She was trolling IRC rooms and decided to screw with people in #rock. Little did she know that PLA had taken over that channel earlier in the year and she was surprised by the wit of the people who appeared to be regulars. She stuck around, became friends with the PLA, and has appeared in many PLA happenings.

In the early 2000's, Spessa and her husband Mr. Spessa would occasionally hang out with RBCP and make prank calls. Most of the calls involving the three of them were pizza and hotel pranks, but there are a lot of other calls too, such as the incoming gym member calls and the incoming prayer line pranks.

In 2009, Spessa began occasionally cohosting on The Phone Show with RBCP and linear. Usually she called in from home, but would occasionally be live in the studio. Two notable shows with Spessa and Mr. Spessa were the psychic reading episodes, where listeners could call in to have their fortunes told by real 1-900 psychics.