Party Time logo used from 29th March 2016

Party Time is a live, weekly show that has ran since 2013. It is hosted by Laugh Track Matt & Zax, with various regular callers.

A theme song was made in 2014 by Rappy McRapperson originally titled rappy mcrapperson laugh track matts party time .


Regular Callers

Irregular Callers


The live show only Party Time was first officially recorded on November 12th, 2013. No listener made recording of the show before this date have surface.

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01 - Show Icon (Party Time With Laugh Track Matt & Zax)

The original logo, drawn by Rappy was used from 2013-29th March 2016.

Party Time premiered in 2013 on MadHouse Live, The station was broadcast on the internet, via Shoutcast. The show was a live broadcast only with none of the shows being recorded for legal reasons. To date, no recording of the show during the era have surfaced. The only announcements about this show going live were made in the Madhouse IRC. The show ran once a week on Mondays.

In November 2013 'BIG' drama ensued in the Madhouse IRC when the Party Time hosts faked a kidnapping on a prank call, this combined with Mixlr becoming the flavor of the month Laugh Track Matt & Zax left Shoutcast behind and moved to their own Mixlr account. The first recorded show took place on November 12th, 2013. These recordings are still available on their show real. The show ran weekly on this account until June 2015.

In June 2015 Laugh Track Matt & Zax were contacted by Carlito to join what at the time was an up and coming new prank call network known as PrankCallNation. Party Time has been broadcast weekly on the PCN Mixlr ever since. Even with PCN now dead, Matt & Zax are too lazy to make new arrangements so they linger on...forever.


Matt 'Fucking' Hillock - (Laugh Track Matt)

Matt 'Friendly' Hillock - (Laugh Track Matt)

Eric Days - (Zax)

An international consortium of businessmen - (Snails)