Pla soundtrack

Over the past few years, a lot of music has been created in the name of the PLA. RBCP's hope is that listening to this music will inspire even more people to write songs about the PLA, so our "Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" will be more than just 7 tracks long. Because really, who's going to purchase our CD for $17.99 plus tax when there's only 7 tracks on it??

There are a few more, such as the 2 dance mixes that were done in the 1990's by Calimar and some other guy.

RBCP also released numerous Singles under the alias Redbox and the Chilipeppers.

Track Listing

01. Rob T. Firefly - Guilty Deter

02. Deaf Relay Operator - What's The Difference?

03. Trevelyn - RBCP on PLA Radio

04. RBCP - linear (feat. linear)

05. Various Professional Voice Artists - PLA Radio Cactus Intro

06. RBCP - Mildred Monday

07. Trevelyn - Blackhat Life

08. RBCP - Introduction to HOPE 2008

09. gnnr - Monday

10. RBCP - Play The Game

11. Trevelyn - Ode to PLA Forums

12. Rob T. Firefly - Bell Odyssey

13. tabachi - Grouchy Old Man

14. BrrrStickem - PLA CACTUS

15. Tristan - Phonelosers (Performed by a Artist)

16. Cactus Smoke - PLA Radio Song

17. TheN - Welcome To The BotNet

18. Supersize - PLA on PCN