Madhouse (Madhouse Radio) is a live prank show that has existed since 2005. The host of the show is Carlito and Co-Host Milkman. It's broadcast every week, via Shoutcast, on and to an audience of over 200 listeners. It's also in podcast format for the people who are unable to listen to the live show.

Carlito's show has been on hiatus since January 2016, but it's sure to return eventually.


Carlito started off listening to KDK then one day he asked if anyone wanted to do a show. Carlito said yes and the rest is history. Before the legendary Milkman, he had other co-hosts; Andy and Cloned Home Grown.

In May of 2006 Madhouse Radio became the first weekly prank call related podcast featured in the iTunes store.





Cloned Home Grown

Regular Callers

Laugh Track Matt


Cross - (Carlito)

Matt 'Fucking' Hillock - (Laugh Track Matt)

Bo Steen - (?)

Eddie Garcia - (Carlito)

Dr. Nargas - (?)

Father McDoogan - (?)

Jack Masterson - (Carlito)

Valente of Valente & Associates - (Carlito)

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