In 2010 a man was featured on the news because Google listed his home phone number as a nearby courthouse, causing dozens of meth addicts to call his home every day. The news segment showed the Google screen with the old man's phone number on it. On April 1st, 2010, RBCP made a prank call to the man, pretending to be with Google and assuring him that the number was changed and that it was the fault of their janitor before admitting that the call was an April Fools joke.

The man was not amused and called RBCP back at his Google Voice number to make threats and tell him that the call was not funny. RBCP and Linear called the man a couple more times during The Phone Show and planned to leave him alone forever, but the follow week during The Phone Show, the man apparently figured out what PLA was and called into the show numerous times, hoping to ruin the show. He failed at ruining the show. Grouchy Old Man changed his phone number soon after this and hasn't been heard from since.

It is rumored that he died in 2015, according to Ipokesmot's recent drunken dox phone book checking and calling his relatives late at night. However, no obituary or record can be found.