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Gloria's Twitter Photo

Gloria is a frequent caller into the Snow Plow Show and a popular figure in the Phone Losers community. Her first voicemail was on the September 16th, 2014 show titled "Tony's Serious of Unfortunate Events." It was here she gave the idea to RBCP on calling up local pet grooming customers and tell them their animals had died being groomed. Even though RBCP did not do the idea, he got quite a ch

Gloria's YouTube Logo

uckle out of Gloria's twisted idea and she became popular after that.

Gloria has her own YouTube channel where she has a show titled, "The Phone Show". It is there where she pranks Indian scammers, has Carrot Top bidding on phone numbers and follows the same style as RBCP 's shows. Gloria's channel is titled "TelePwned ", a name she announced was created by RBCP and she was given permission to use, along with "The Phone Show".

Personal Life

Gloria is rather open about her life via social media. Her Twitter, Facebook , Instagram, YouTube etc. are all open to the public. When she began calling into the show, her voicemail's suggested she was in Connecticut in 2014. Gloria has had obvious problems with her mother, to which RBCP even pranked her on "The Jitterbug" episode on November 5th, 2014, though it is not public knowledge why they do not get along. 


Gloria, Matt Hillock and RBCP

Show Appearances

Gloria began with the Snow Plow Show and often explained she would not listen to any other show on the network. A few years later, however, she began joining Neon, Zax, Carlito, and Beogrehl on their own personal shows, joining in on the insanity of the calls. Neon and Gloria had a show where they would do the popular lunk alarm calls and prank local convenience stores and their customers. She caused mayhem throughout and became popular all thru the network and fans.

Gloria also went through a phase where she would draw up pictures for the Snow Plow Show's artwork. Her pieces were even featured as the episode photo for show #388 "Voicemails and One Hour Photo ", along with February 3rd, 2015 show titled, "Dont Even Talk to Him ".  It was rumored Gloria was creating a PLA poster but to this day it has yet to be created.

Gloria's very first appearance on the Snow Plow Show can be dated back to the 2014 episode "Tony's Series of Unfortunate Events". The September 16th episode shares Gloria's first call where she tries to pursued RBCP to prank calling local grooming customers and say their pets died while being groomed.

Gloria was also the initial influencer of the "1-800-Carrot-Top" show on May 21st, 2015. Her original voicemail gave RBCP the idea of calling up phone company customers and explaining their phone numbers were to be switched due to Carrot Top wanting their numbers. This was the show that was based on her voicemail.

On the March 3rd, 2016 episode titled "Closing Prayers", RBCP features one of Gloria's first attempts of a prank call. This call featured her successfully causing a buffet food fight and initial mayhem.

As Gloria began branching out and doing her own show, RBCP referenced it and even played the call during the May 6th, 2016 show titled "Permit Applications". He also gave a shoutout and played another one of her calls on the September 25th, 2015 show "I Ding You Are Something Wrong".

As of May 16th, 2018's episode titled, "Poor Taste Liquors ", Gloria's new YouTube channel has been posted in RBCP's show notes. RBCP talks about her show during this episode and others moving forward. Gloria seems to be back into the PLA world and is helping create the show art for RBCP's digital version of his book, while also uploading new content to her channel.  

Gloria's most memorable voicemail ideas

  • Calling people and saying Carrot Top wants their phone number.
  • Saying there's a Chupacabra loose in someone's home.