In 2010 or 2011, The Phone Show aftershows led to impersonating "the corporate office" to convenience store employees to try and get them to do silly things. Eventually this led to tricking employees into shutting off all the circuit breakers in the store's back room, which cut all power to the store and often ended the phone call because the store clerk was on a cordless phone. It's likely switch flipping causes all kinds of problems with store computers, gas pumps, and other devices.

Legend pioneered a few of these calls, which are probably the 2 most well known switch flipping incidents. One was the call to Pam at Circle K, who nervously did everything Legend told her to do as RBCP continuously tried to sabotage the call with sound effects. The other was Randy at 7-Eleven, who didn't have a cordless phone so he shouted numbers to us from the back room as he hit the switches.

The term "Flip all the switches" came from the online comic strip called Hyperbole And A Half, because it sounded a little like something that was said in the comic. In April 2015, RBCP released a song called Flip All The Switches, to the tune of Abracadabra by The Steve Miller Band. The song featured clips from both Pam and Randy. The lyrics were based around the things Pam said in her call.

Switch flipping has been tried by a lot of prank callers, including Laugh Track Matt , Tabachi (he did a lot of gyms, hoping to get people to flail off their treadmills), Legend, RBCP, and I'm sure a lot of others. The calls are usually done to convenience stores, but it's also happened at Gyms, Subways, and Radio Shacks.