00:00 – 00:30 Intro and explanation of what the Big Beef Bueno show is. In this episode, RBCP will be calling some of Jammies's ex-boyfiends.

00:32 – 1:27 Jonathan (RBCP) from the Miami Police calls Terry

1:28 Jammie didn't expect RBCP to call her ex-boyfriends

1:47 – 3:06 Verizon Wireless Corporate Security (RBCP) calls Jeremy about the $13,000 bill he's run up dialing 900 numbers. Jeremy can't pay so his phone machine will be shut off.

3:10 Jammie won't give RBCP anymore ex-boyfriend numbers.

3:25 – 15:24 RBCP coaches Jammie on how to trick Blockbuster out of customer information before they call BB; then they have to wait for the information because the MOD is taking a long shit. RBCP used the information gathered form this call in PLA Radio Episode #8.

15:41 – 17:45 Two voicemails Jammie left on Adam Curry's podcast.

18:13 – 20:06 RBCP calls the Hair We Are salon because Jamie recently got a haircut there. He calls as Mayor Chuck McClair and want to bring in a film crew to film his haircut. He argues with a woman about what time to come in as he's the mayor and gets special privileges. Then the show abruptly ends.