Cast chris tomkinson

The subject of PLA issue #003. Was also featured in various other bits of PLA issues and was the subject of 100's of prank phone calls in the early 1990's. His dad gave an interview to the Belleview News Democrat about the PLA and the phone calls to Chris in 1995.

RBCP and Chris were once friends but had a falling out over various things, which led to RBCP and Zak bugging the shit out of Chris for years afterward. Some of the stories of Chris' "harassment" were included in the PLA book, but his name was changed to Chris McCall.

The name Tomkinson became a running joke with the PLA, and seems to get used occasionally, such as the time RBCP spent hours on Valentines Day in 2010 calling every Tomkinson in the United States.


Chris tomkinson by cop car

Chris Tomkinson by a Cop Car.