Cacti on Phone by Cral Morgan

What's this cactus business?

Brad has been told once or twice that he use the word "cactus" a lot. You might even say the word cactus has turned into the PLA's official catchphrase.  The word comes up often in prank calls and phone mobs, there's an Obey The Cactus sticker, the podcast theme songs have cactus all over them, and people who listen to PLA material often find themselves buying a cactus plant but aren't really sure why.


Back in the very early 1990's, RBCP had a friend named Amigados.  He would call people on the phone and say nothing except for the word cactus, which would confuse the person on the other end of the phone.  He thought the prank was brilliant in its simplicity.  During the years after that, Amigados taught RBCP the various ways of the cactus, like spray painting giant magnets green and cutting them into the shapes of cacti to stick on cars and eventually even getting a cactus tattooed on his arm.

When he wrote those text files called the Phone Losers of America in the mid-1990's, RBCP randomly threw the word cactus in them often, to pay homage to Amigados.  At this point, it's just an inside joke between people who know about PLA.  

But cactus is our war cry and our mascot and probably always will be.  

There's an explanation of cactus that has a little more detail to it in issue #35 of the PLA 'zine.