2011 Cacti Radio Sound Board

Cacti Radio Nerdcore was a podcast hosted by Brad Carter in 2012 on Cacti Radio. It mostly featured nerdcore music. Only 3 episodes were produced.



  • Episode 001 (Wednesday, January 18, 2012) - This episode introduces this amazing new podcast before blowing you away with a bunch of old music. You'll hear Laforge by MC Milk Plus, Krystalene by Rappy McRapperson and Wilhelm Scream by Possible Oscar. Send suggestions, questions, song submissions and takedown demands to
  • Episode 002 (Thursday, January 19, 2012) - This episode contains music by Emergency Pizza Party, MC Chris and Glenn Case. We also mentioned Rocket Propelled Radio and Tub Girl. But don't go to that tub girl URL. I repeat, DON'T GO TO THE TUB GIRL URL!
  • Episode 003 - Router, Doubleclicks and Rappy (Sunday, February 5, 2012) - This episode opens with MC Router! Find her on her website, her Facebook or her YouTube. See, I wasn't kidding about those URLs.The Doubleclicks are at and secret photos taken from outside their apartment window are on my blog. I didn't check to see if Rappy has a website, but if he did I bet it would be