Date: August 04, 2016

Length 54:06

Calling homeowners directory.


00:00 Old call to Constance from "Steve" from the San Jose water company. Constance has been overusing water.

1:43 Show intro.

3:24 RBCP asks for support at or

4:17 Call to James from "Michael" at number 13, but really number 12. The big tree outside James' window, Michael left his binoculars in the tree.

6:42 Call to Joey (female) from "Dave" regarding big tree outside window.

9:10 Call to Nancy from "Roy" regarding big tree outside window.

13:12 Call to Seth from "Roy " regarding Wi-Fi, asking Seth to move router closer to window.

14:17 Call to Bob from "Roy" regarding Wi-Fi.

18:17 Call to Brenda from "Steven" regarding Wi-Fi.

20:03 Voicemail from Ohio Guy.

20:43 Voicemail from "it's me" who wants RBCP to hang up the phone.

21:01 Voicemail from "Jasper Flax."

21:49 Voicemail from "name couldn't understand."

22:53 Voicemail from "Mr. Pac-Man."