Date: July 09, 2016

Length 52:56


00:00 An old Great Clips call. Roy accuses Leonard's hair of starting a fire and burning down the store

01:44 "Cactus, Cactus, Cactus" intro

02:27 RBCP introduces the show, thanks Chris & Sarah for sponsoring the show and reads Facebook Challenge poll suggestions.

07:34 Ethan didn't show up for his appointment at Great Clips and gets banned by Roy.

10:11 Janet's daughter learns her mom had a tantrum in the store and Roy demands she pay for the damages.

12:15 David gets accused of stealing the tip jar and we learn he has a boner for Kim the stylist.

16:19 James will not say "Hello".

17:14 Chris's dad learns his son's hair is having a chemical reaction and that it was cut upside down.

22:15 Brad plays voicemails from the PLA hotline. CorbinGuy asks Brad to fuck him, Dr. Astronaut takes credit for the "Lick the Butter" challenge and threatens to give AIDS to cancer patients, a poor guy loses his PLA coin, a caller has a Calls of Mass Confusion question, NotBrad and Frank Garrett praise the show, someone asks for advice with starting a podcast, and a listener has an idea called Landlords from Hell.

27:13 Brad whores for patreon donations for Baby Jesus.

27:52 James learns that Roy has taken his hair home and DNA sequenced his genome to grow a new liver.

30:47 Roy tells a tough guy customer that he is doing DNA experiments on his hair clippings.

32:28 Roy tells Frank that his genome has been sequenced and edited to give him 20/20 vision.

35:57 Joyce finds out that the scissors at Great Clips had lice. Roy then claims it wasn't true but he wanted to sell lice shampoo to earn weed money.

39:47 Carolyn is invited to come back to Great Clips to buy lice shampoo after lice is discovered on the combs. Roy has also collected her hair for DNA tests and plans to sell her information to the Chinese Government.

44:41 Michael finds out that Roy has run a full series of DNA tests on his hair.

45:27 Ron's wife (who has smoked a lot of pot in her day) learns that her husband's hair has been DNA sequenced and Roy offers them immortality.

50:32 RBCP plugs XYZ's show, thanks the sponsors and ends the show.

Outro song: Dance Floor by The Apples in Stereo


Roy "Just put a microscope on your head and look in."

Roy "I can kiss Ron's ass because I'm growing a new one!"