Air Date: December 17h, 2010

Length: 1 hour, 23 minutes, 02 seconds

Evie, Chris Ellerback

Evie makes RBCP 's microphone too loud, Spacebison delays the show by a few minutes, Chris Ellerback, we all have a crazy porn magazine dream,, our crazy porn magazine dream fails miserably, Chris Ellerback drinking game, Roxy tries to get Chris in trouble, we call Randy Dandy again, Gordo does a fake book unboxing, the PLA book has been released, cure cancer by changing your Facebook image to a pay phone, Mr. Spessa is hilarious, Roxy finds out that the whole PLA book was a huge lie, Evie loves Windows Vista, RBCP calls the convenience store from last week's aftershow, Plants vs. Zombies. There's an aftershow here.

 Show Notes


Legend calls

Jayson Heckathorn call goes to voicemail

Heywood is missing.