Date: September 5th, 2012

Title: Car Ding Calls

Episode Number: 1

Length: 20:22

Page Editor: Happy Dude

This is the very first episode of The Snow Plow Show . It's theme is car ding calls. Old car ding calls are played, as well as new ones.


00:00 RBCP Introduction

00:37 Stephanie in Massachusetts Car Ding. Roy thinks Stephanie is cute so left his number, Roy tries to set up a date but Stephanie isn't interested.

03:04 Terry Car Ding - Roy died in a car accident 2 years ago and his "daughter" isn't happy about getting a Car Ding call for Roy.

03:50 Dan Car Ding University of Missouri - Dan and his wife are driving to a restaurant when Roy calls about a series of Rube Goldberg coincidences. Roy tripped down the stairs when leaving his house and hit a skateboard, a car flipped over, a tree branch hit a bike rider. One guy says "Stay off the crack Roy".

06:53 You left a note on my car. Roy confuses a man about who ding'ed who? Roy is from Washington but is visiting Toronto and doesn't understand if this is a Canadian scam which he doesn't understand.

09:12 Messages from PLA Video viewers. New Jersey man will be leaving Car Ding Notes, Girl has found a car ding number. Utah man checking the car ding number still works.

10:05 Roy talks about leaving the right number for car dings, and is not sure if he is getting burnt out with the car ding pranks.

10:44 Bob Car Ding 'incident' Roy your phone number is from Seattle! It's part of your joke thing says Bob, the police have a report on you so stay away/come to New Jersey.

12:04 My cousin is a state trooper! I saw the dent in the truck Roy and I'm a cop. Roy points out that he is a scam artist who changes his story about who is a cop.

14:10 Brandon Car Ding. Roy is a representative from State Farm Insurance who is trying to see who he trying "to do insurance fraud". Roy now has recorded evidence that Brandon is trying to commit fraud. Brandon will file harassment charges against Roy Gerbil. Roy tells Brandon that he is from the radio station and Brandon's mother set him up.

18:05 RBCP Talks about The phone Show is now dead but is being replaced by "The Snow Plow Show"

18:55 END SONG: Rappy McRapperson - Speedos and an Abraham Lincoln Hat


"Stay off the crack Roy"

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