Air Date: May 22nd, 2012

Length: 1 hour, 5 minutes, 02 seconds

Laugh Track Matt cohosts. PettyPranks

 Show Notes

00:00 Fuck Me Ray Bradbury song

3:40 Call-in

9:20 They call WhiteFloyd's car ding victim. Video exists of the victim walking around his car looking for damage.

13: Dark Stranger calls in.

Rappy McRaperson calls in

Car ding victim claims she got a note on her bicycle about accidentally siphoning gas.

Rappy is tricked twice by the girl's voicemail.

Rappy talks about Hawaiian slang words.

Apple GeniusBar customer info.

33:50 Marijuana found under your keyboard.

38:10 We accidentally gave your computer away. Brad makes a girl cry.

43:40 Rappy calls as Garth (from Wayne's World) to reveal to a girl that her laptop had to be thrown away since spiders were found inside. 30% discount is offered. Dark Stranger and Brad step in as the manager and regional manager

Evie calls in

Brad asks everyone what they learned.