Air Date: 05-04-2009

Length: 51 minutes, 11 seconds

Hosts: RBCP , linear

Party 934 has gotten some new FM transmitters, which apparently means we can't curse on the air anymore. Some deaf relay operators call in, we try to operator interrupt our own Skype number, and altalp joins us for awhile.

Show Notes

00:00 MUSIC: I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred

06:16 Intro

01:37 Did linear mention Richard Cardo ?

02:19 MUSIC: Happy Boy by The Beat Farmers

02:44 MUSIC: I’ve Got Some Falling To Do by Lemon Demon

04:57 Someone calls and says nothing

05:45 linear’s biggest fan ever calls

08:10 MUSIC: Mr. Roboto by Styx

08:51 Phone sex operator calls in

11:01 Voicemail (leave your own at 505-796-4020)

11:31 PLA Radio  Wacky Morning DJ Episode - RBCP and linear talk for a bit about emergency operator interrupting a phone line. They play some clips of wacky morning DJ from PLA Radio and RBCP talks about how he used to knock BBS users offline by operator interrupting phone lines.

17:14 Remember OCI?

18:47 RBCP calls Qwest to try operator interrupting and op diverting. Listen to that annoying land line buzzing noise.

22:21 Lazy Sunday by those SNL guys

23:30 Any cactus for sale?

25:42 Girls wants to bid on the cactus

27:44 MUSIC: Big in Japan by Alphaville

29:01 Yet another relay operator

30:05 The stream dies

31:17 Altalp calls in

36:23 Caller wants a full list of banned radio words

41:02 Words we’re not allowed to say

46:20 bitchlover101 calls in

41:04 MUSIC: Everything You Know Is Wrong by Weird Al Yankovic