Air Date: 04-29-2015

Show Title: I Dont Think What You Talkin Bout

Show Type: Pre-recorded

Show Sponsor: Rick from Ohio

In this episode, RBCP calls fans of a YouTube star named Todrick Hall. Then he calls home owners and tells them that they need to install wheelchair ramps on their homes to comply with the disabilities act. Strangely enough, people are not happy about this.

RBCP calls the post office in the same town at the end of the show so he can pretend to be an annoyed customer. The lady in charge is very confused by the calls she's been getting and finally realizes that RBCP is messing with her and hangs up. This is where the fun starts, because she picks right back up to make a call to city hall. RBCP tricks her by playing a recording of a dial tone, then of ringing, and pretends to be an employee of city hall.

In the first call, RBCP is confused because he's not sure who the lady called, but quickly takes on the part of the mayor's assistant and tells the post lady that not just anyone can talk to someone as important as the mayor. The post lady hangs up and calls back in again, once again reaching RBCP who does a terrible impersonation of Willy from the Touch Tone Terrorists. After talking to Willy, the post lady's mind is officially broken and she takes a few weeks off work to recover.

Show Notes