Air Date: 04-27-2009

Length: 1 hour, 7 minutes

There is no cohost tonight, just RBCP with between 11 and 13 online listeners and lots of relay operators calling in. Here are show notes:

Show Notes

00:00 MUSIC: The Queen and I by Gym Class Heroes

00:10 The Phone Show Intro

00:45 MUSIC: It Is Pitch Dark by M.C. Frontalot

01:18 Tooee calls in to ask about some PLA YouTube videos

06:55 Voicemail from linear

07:52 Guy from NY calls in

09:37 MUSIC: Sell Out by Reel Big Fish

10:18 PRANK CALL: Special Order by Neil Hamburger

10:38 Relay operator calls in to tell me the caller has hung up

13:12 Another relay operator

15:04 Evilgold calls in and convinces RBCP to make a prank call to Evie

16:05 MUSIC: Sometimes I wonder by Throwing Toasters

18:15 Calling Evie at Motel 6

25:23 Dex convinces people to break their hotel room windows

29:00 MUSIC: In The Garage by Weezer

29:12 MUSIC: Phoney Calls by Weird Al Yankovic (reqest and dedication by Stan)

30:18 MUSIC: We Made You by Eminem

30:41 MUSIC: Bras on 45 by Ivor Biggun and the D Kups

31:20 Yet another relay operator

36:15 Even more relay operators

39:40 Jude calls in to show off his Skype on his iPod Touch

41:55 Where can we find Dex’s Waffle House prank?

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