Air Date: 04-20-2009

Length: 40 minutes, 51 seconds

linear and murdoc cohost tonight as we take calls, attempt to interview a world-famous investigator and play music. There are between 15 and 19 online listeners throughout the show. At the end my internet goes out and I lose murd0c and linear, which is why linear isn’t talking anymore.

Show Notes

00:00 MUSIC: Crazy by Seal

00:08 The Phone Show Intro

01:30 MUSIC: My Telephone by Kit Watkins

01:42 MUSIC: Why Does This Always Happen To Me by Weird Al Yankovic

02:06 Some guy doesn’t believe he’s really on the show

02:18 murd0c calls in and talks about retarded comments on

02:50 McDonald’s Sign Prank

05:04 Credit card PLA issue

06:05 Interpretive LiveJournal Group

07:48 Funny Answering Machine Messages

09:09 Paul calls in to tell us how much he hates The Phone Show

10:49 MUSIC: The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati by Rose & The Arrangement

11:29 Call The Phone Show

12:04 Max The Drunk calls in

14:00 MUSIC: Bad Influence by Throwing Toasters

16:20 MUSIC: Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist by those Avenue Q people

16:51 Attempted interview with Richard Cardo

22:15 Naked Kitchen Podcast


27:48 Guity Deter by Rob T. Firefly

30:30 Sam from West Coast Phreakers calls in

36:30 MUSIC: I Love My Phone by The Streets

37:25 Goodbye everyone

38:15 PRANK CALL: Firewalking Seminar by Neil Hamburger

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