Air Date: 04-13-2009

linear is unable to host this week, so altalp joins RBCP in about 90 minutes of music, pranks and phone calls from listeners. We also do an impromptu interview with the Twitter worm creator that’s been in the news so much lately.

00:00 MUSIC: Untouchable by YTCracker

04:00 The Phone Show Intro

04:40 MUSIC: Drunken Lament by Ludo

05:06 MUSIC: B-Sides 3 by Hot Karl (begins with a prank call to his mom)

06:34 Taking a call from a listener who doesn’t say anything

08:20 Altalp screens a call for the show, LIVE ON THE AIR!

09:29 MUSIC: Breathe by Fabolous

09:48 Max calls in and demands to know how to foil #67 (

16:42 Don’t call suicide hotlines

17:33 PRANK CALL: Drunk Phone Company Rep by Touch Tone Terrorists

21:12 MUSIC: Da Ha, Da Ha by Rappin’ Duke

26:04 Stan calls in with a request for Kit Watkins

28:26 Warren (Project Blender)

32:08 “Flip A Bitch” definition

35:57 MUSIC: Your Woman by White Town

36:28 More Warren

47:30 MUSIC: Somebody’s Watching Me by Rockwell

48:38 PRANK CALL: The 254-4999 people.

50:30 Altalp’s Twitter adventure (Articles about Mickeyy here, here and here.)

53:35 Tombstone calls in to find out if Rogueclown likes pizza

54:48 MUSIC: We Walk by The Ting Tings

55:13 MUSIC: Kick, Push by Lupe Fiasco

55:26 Impromptu interview with Mikey Mooney, author of the Twitter worm

1:00:00 Goodbye from RBCP, Altalp and Mikey

1:01:08 MUSIC: Vivian by Nerf Herder

1:01:30 PRANK CALL: Kay by RBCP