Air Date: 04-06-2009

Callers force linear to contemplate suicide in this episode and RBCP repeatedly has to cut to music while he talks linear away from the ledge. Nothing is prepared for this show, as usual, so we just take a lot of calls.

Show Notes

00:00 Fade in to Big Love by Fleetwood Mac

00:07 The Phone Show Intro - the drums and phone sounds are from a song called The Telephone Call by Joshua Dranoel. The voices are all text-to-speech voices

01:16 linear was published in 2600

01:50 Jacob calls in to tell linear how much he sucks. Skype problems immediately begin.

02:54 MUSIC: Fire Coming Out Of The Monkey’s Head by Gorillaz

05:25 MUSIC: Welcome to the Internet by Futuristic Sex Robotz

07:48 Rogueclown and Tombstone call in

12:55 More calls to New York residents, begging them to listen to the show

17:16 Chris yells at linear

20:13 MUSIC: Midnight Star by Weird Al Yankovic

20:30 Legend calls in from a carrot field

22:18 PRANK CALL: Pay Yo Damn Bill by Touchtone Terrorists

25:15 Legend tells us about his 80’s NASA prank

29:25 MUSIC: Obscene Phone Caller by Rockwell

30:53 MUSIC: Creepy Doll by Jonathan Coulton

34:42 Sabrebutt calls in and connects us to a billion Waffle Houses

43:25 MUSIC: Crazy by Seal 45:40 You should listen to Party 934 .

46:40 MUSIC: Hey, Ladies by Futuristic Sex Robotz