Air Date: March 30th, 2009

Length: 51 minutes, 15 seconds

linear co-hosts this hour-long show and we average about 15 online listeners throughout the hour.

Show Notes

00:00 Fading in with Ants by Dr. Octagon

00:10 Introducing your wacky morning DJs, one which is distorted because he’s yelling too loud.

02:30 Music: linear by rbcp 09:00 Tombstone calls in to plug the forums at

10:58 Brad gets a call from a Sheriff 12:35 Twitter is popular with old people now

13:19 Music: Blackalicious - Deception

14:22 Are we really on FM radio?

16:00 Godot calls in and we find out the T is silent and that he really was at Shmoocon

20:10 Brad promotes The Phone Show to Hudson Valley listeners

24:00 Music for Rushpwnsx: The Trees by Rush

24:15 Music: The Vandals - My Girlfriend’s Dead

26:48 yeti7 calls in fucked up on vicodin

29:00 Live calls to potential Hudson Valley listeners

31:50 Brad epically fails at Skype

32:00 Music: Still Alive by Jonathan Coulton (robot version)

32:56 Music: Tunak Tunak by Daler Mehndi

37:08 Tanner calls in to suggestion PLA Radio ideas

39:12 linear manages to get a plug in for

40:21 Music dedicated to Mildred Monday: It Is Pitch Dark by MC Frontalot

44:35 Mildred Mondady calls in

47:28 Angelina, a hooker from Florida calls us

51:00 Big Love by Fleetwood Mac