Length: 45 minutes, 59 seconds

Title: Happy Birthday R0xy

Hosts/callers: RBCP , El Gordo, Legend, Laugh Track Matt

Original Air Date: January 11th, 2011


Skunkworks is mean, someone hates Boots and Boys, RBCP doesn't understand the weird noise coming from his MacBook, fake courthouse guy leaves a message for TPS, Tombstone wants me to call Dick Rawe, Tombstone smokes, Big Beef Bueno Podcast is coming back so RBCP can play a Rappy McRapperson interview, late breaking news from HR about tricking 7-Eleven into not selling beer, apparently penis inspection day is entirely normal in grade schools, The Benny Calls, The Corndog Man was on PLA Movie Night,, The Monster Squad should be next week's movie, happy 41st birthday r0xy, Tombstone has FexEx employees listening to the show, RTF makes a birthday ode to r0xy's birthday (, RBCP's iPhone is suddenly seeing name Caller I.D.,, RBCP calls some Facebook people with new phone numbers, don't piss off Tombstone or he'll come there and suck your dick, did an interview with RBCP.

Details and Show Notes:

00:00:00 Fade in from Boots and Boys by Ke$ha

00:01:10 Skunkworks calls in and for some reason is rude to RBCP

00:01:50 No Phone by Cake

00:02:29 RBCP's Macbook is making a notification noise that he doesn't understand

00:04:11 Welcome To The Shrubs by Rappy McRapperson

00:05:00 Someone leaves an impressive impression of Grouchy Old Man on the voicemail

00:08:30 Tombstone calls in and really wants RBCP to call Dick Rawe

00:15:00 The Big Beef Bueno podcast is coming back because RBCP interviewed Rappy McRapperson.

00:18:00 H. R. Something calls with some late breaking news about 7-Eleven beer sales and apparently penis inspection day is entirely normal in grade schools

00:20:50 Music is Car Phone from Dr. Demento

00:21:30 Legend uploads a bunch of The Benny Calls to his YouTube page.

00:25:00 El Gordo calls in and suggests The Monster Squad for next week's movie night

00:26:00 Tombstone has FexEx employees listening to the show

00:27:00 Happy 41st birthday, r0xy

00:27:31 Happy Birthday by Weird Al Yankovic

00:28:50 RBCP calls FedEx and impersonates Carlito to an employee

00:29:51 RTF performs an ode to R0xy's birthday

00:31:37 RBCP calls the FedEx employee again and gets her to drop Tombstone's docs.

00:34:18 Presidential History by Rappy McRapperson

00:34:44 RBCP's iPhone is suddenly seeing name Caller I.D.

00:36:33 Skunkworks calls again and gets hung up on

00:36:55 My BFF Jill

00:37:13 Phony Phone Calls by Weird Al Yankovic

00:38:16 Play The Game by Redbox and the Chilipeppers

00:38:38 Visit the Tinychat room

00:39:20 RBCP calls some Facebook people with new phone numbers

00:41:28 Tombstone is going to find out where this guy lives and suck his dick.

00:43:00 Sad Lost music

00:44:00 RBCP was interviewed on the Sitting Now podcast

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