Air Date: 01-05-2010

Title: Welcome To Cacti Radio, Carlito!

Running Time: 53 minutes, 52 seconds

Hosts: RBCP, linear and Spessa


RBCP, linear and Spessa ask what everyones favorite hacker movies are in an attempt to eliminate small talk from the show. Randy Dandy threatens to shoot RBCP, a guy calls in asking for help with his CB radio, linear premieres his brand new show on Cacti Radio.

Show Notes and Details

00:00 - This is the first show that Carlito from Madhouse Live appears on the new Cacti Radio shoutcast stream. Carlito mentions that it's his first night switching to Tuesdays - his new slot was the 3 hours prior to The Phone Show each week, from 6pm Pacific to 9pm Pacific. This appears to be the first day that Carlito called Randy Dandy.

04:30 - The Humans Are Dead by Flight of the Conchords

05:10 - We call Randy Dandy, not knowing what we're in for. For some reason RBCP says he's calling from the front desk. Randy insults us by calling us "partner" and repeating things a lot, threatening to put the pistol to us, and telling us we ain't no g.

09:00 - A guy calls into the show asking how to modify a C.B. radio to take over frequencies at a fast food drive thru. He gets strung along for a bit before finding out that the instructional video was a hoax, making the hosts feel like terrible people.

17:40 - Randy Dandy is called back. His mom yells at us while Randy tells her to get off the phone.

19:25 - Skunkworks calls in and immediately gets hung up on for making small talk.

20:00 - Acidpez has his kid call in and curse at us about Randy.

24:16 - Have A Blast by Hearts Minus Sorrow

26:26 - Randy is called once more, but quickly hangs up.

33:44 - linear's brand new show on Cacti Radio is announced

35:25 - Brad has never seen the movie Tron

40:33 - Randy has done some detective work and figured out that RBCP and linear are both a guy named Ted.

48:45 - Jenn calls in to request Edgar by Redbox and the Chilipeppers

52:45 - The show fades out and into linear's brand new show called The Fart Show, where linear spends an hour making fart noises with his mouth. Sadly, he never made a 2nd episode.


"Tampons and candles probably." -linear on what a female would be calling in to talk about.

"I'm not in the background, I'm in the foreground." -Spessa

"Maaaan, what the hell you want?" -Randy Dandy

"You know where I stay at, dude?" -Randy Dandy

"You can come over here, cuz." -Randy Dandy

"You playin' with the wrong one, partner." -Randy Dandy

"Partner, I'll put the pistol to you." -Randy Dandy

"Ya'll wanna phone bang." -Randy Dandy

"You's a faggot, cuz." -Randy Dandy

"I bet your pussy ass won't come around here." -Randy Dandy

"You ain't no g, cuz." -Randy Dandy

"I will serve you, dawg." -Randy Dandy